The Digital Historian Project

An Experiential Learning Partnership between the UGDSB and the DCMA

2016 DHP Reflection: Samantha Sharkey

My final reflection of this course will be greatly positive as I love DHP more than any other class I have ever been a part of. This class has brought together students from 3 different schools and from very different groups of people on a common interest/love for history. We had the pleasure of becoming part of the Dufferin Country Museum family and have been well-welcomed guests. I personally loved my time at the museum much more than that at the Orangeville high school simply Because how different of an environment it is for us to learn in. The experiences of DHP have been something to remember, from the small day trips like the Turtle Island Heritage Festival to the DHP taking over Ottawa on a week long adventure I was truly amazed. The trips were lovely but I enjoyed our in the class time as well, In class we could have heated conversations about history, native studies, and current issues. As a class we became very close to each other and to me, it began to feel like a home away from home, if you needed help you always got it. I truly fell in love with our veterans research as well as our Canada case projects regardless of the stress I experienced at the end of each trying to just make it perfect. This was simply an amazing year with amazing classmates and teachers, This class would not be the same without Mr. Orford and Mr.Kirk, they made this year as amazing as it was.