The Digital Historian Project

An Experiential Learning Partnership between the UGDSB and the DCMA

2016 DHP Reflection: Mikhaila Johnston

The Digital Historian project has been an eye-opening experience that will further my education and career in History. The DHP taught me University level skills that I had not had the opportunity to acquire in a highschool setting, I can now analyze data and history, tell a story that grabs an audience’s attention, read archival documents and study artifacts and most of all it has taught me time management. The Digital Historian Project from day one has always been a challenge, but that’s why the program focuses on finding individuals with ambition and drive. The projects were difficult, the timing was hard but now being in June, I can successfully say that I did it, that I was a member of The Digital Historian Project.


The projects that we completed as DHP students were incredible. The larger ones were nothing like I had done before. It was hands on and actually challenged my critical thinking skills. The Canada Case project showed that you can tell a story just by a few artifacts, and that story was so fascinating to learn about.

The Veterans project allowed me to dive into my family history and find the missing pieces that my family had always wondered about! It gave me a sense of identity and pride as I saw who my great grandfather truly was.


The best part of The Digital Historian Project was the experience. I had met so many new people who shared the same interests as me, and being in highschool and finding that was quite incredible. The excursions we went on were so much fun because it was tailored to us and our passion for history. Sharing experiences with people like you is amazing and that is what you receive in the DHP.

You don’t know how important something you’re doing in your life will be later on until you have completed it. Now that I am a graduating DHP student, I can see that this has given me the drive and skill sets to further study history and create something of myself with History.

The Digital Historian Project was the smartest decision I have ever made in respect to my education and future.