The Digital Historian Project

An Experiential Learning Partnership between the UGDSB and the DCMA

2016 DHP Reflection: Kyle Lindsay

This semester/program has been a wonderful time and adventure. When I first started this program I did not know anyone in the program besides the two people from my school. Later on, I started to meet new people and got to know them better and I made new friends. The two courses, Canadian history and Native studies, gave me a more in-depth look at history and made me change my view of how I look at things in history.

The most interesting part was researching my veteran. The most interesting thing I found was that everything about him was online. I did not have to find information on paper and try to contact people to get information paper. The other thing I found interesting about my guy was that he was at the battle of Vimy Ridge but, his battalion was not. It was interesting because Gordon George Berry was farm boy who lived in a small place like Dufferin County and went to the most well-known battle for Canadians, Vimy Ridge. Overall, it was great to research my veteran and to learn so much about his life and what he did during his service in the first World War. I will always remember him. When it comes to teachers Mr.Orford is one of my favourite teachers I have had in high school. He is a wonderful teacher who taught me how to look at things in history differently and more efficiently and also connects with his students in a fun way. Mr.Kirk is also one of my favourite math teachers. He is a guy who connects with his students and is always available for questions when we need to ask him. Overall, my DHP experience was great and I will always remember this moment.