The Digital Historian Project

An Experiential Learning Partnership between the UGDSB and the DCMA

2016 DHP Reflection: Hannah Hutchings

Over the course of this semester being in the DHP has gave me memories I will never forget. To imagine not being in the DHP next year is really sad. Having classes that are not in the normal classrooms made coming to school way better. As well as being able to spend the entire semester with peers and even teachers that love history as much as I do is great. The best part of this course was getting to research a veteran. At the beginning I didn’t know who to research but quickly learned about my great great uncle, Herbert James McDougall. At first I knew nothing about him, but over the semester I learned his story. I would have to say that this made me a better person. I think that if he was still alive he would be proud. This research brought my family closer because we got to meet people from his side of the family. I want to thank Mr. Orford for introducing me to this course because it made me a better student. We all learned that it's important to hand things in on time and not to procrastinate. It helped us prepare for college or university. This course made me love history even more than I already do.